Here are some of the things people have said about me, including in Performance Reviews over the past years:

  1. “Andrea’s enthusiasm for Agile has ushered in a new approach to working. Without her passion and encouragement, we wouldn’t be anywhere near as advanced into our journey into Agile product development, technical development and an ‘agile’ way of working.”
  2. “Her ‘can do’ attitude and proactiveness are perfect examples of role model behaviour.”
  3. “Andrea is a role model because of her dedication and commitment to excellence.”
  4. “Andrea brought her agile skills to the team and the regular release cycle has been achieved, which the team are keen to continue to maintain.”
  5. “Andrea has been leading the setup of new dashboards to follow our Agile implementation to give transparency to the leadership teams across regions and the Executive team. She has taken it upon herself to learn the tools and spend considerable personal time late at night and weekends to achieve this.”
  6. “The team [with Andrea as Scrum Master] took on an unexpected project and worked amazingly well together to overcome every challenge. The project was brought forward to mitigate the risk of releasing changes during a critical political time and they not only met this deadline but exceeded it by releasing a day earlier with no defects.”
  7. “The quality of work Andrea produces far exceeds expectations.”
  8. “Andrea is quick to volunteer whenever others need help.”
  9. “She often seeks out additional responsibilities beyond the normal scope of her job.”
  10. “Andrea is particularly successful at establishing and maintaining good relationships.”
  11. “You are the best Scrum Master out there.”
  12. “You have done a great job of nurturing and guiding the team.”
  13. “Andrea wore many hats in the team and they consistently worked well and resolved issues as a team.”
  14. “Andrea demonstrates and promotes cooperation when working in group situations.”
  15. “She contributes to building a positive team spirit.”
  16. “Andrea always puts the customer first, showing the highest degree of courtesy and sensitivity to their needs.”
  17. “Andrea is an exceptionally fast learner and able to quickly put new skills to use.”
  18. “Andrea is constantly expanding her capabilities and skills on her own initiative.  She is a total self-starter, taking independent actions and well-calculated risks.
  19. “A high degree of ethical and moral behavior is exhibited in her everyday business conduct.”
  20. “Her skill at balancing the needs of the team with her individual responsibilities is outstanding.”
  21. “Andrea is very good at regularly keeping her promises and honoring her commitments.”
  22. “She earns a high degree of respect and trust from her colleagues and clients.”
  23. “She is very skillful at resolving difficult or emotional customer situations and she responds with a strong sense of urgency when servicing customers.”
  24. “Her decisions are on target and reflect her reliable, sound judgment skills.  She verifies that the appropriate people are included in the decision-making process.”
  25. “Andrea has had a collaborative approach to problem solving, worked on building relationships in the team. Always willing to help wider business team members.”
  26. “Your commitment is almost without comparison.  It is evident through the dedication and hard work you invest in every area of your responsibilities.  I have complete confidence that whatever you are asked to do, you will apply more than 100 percent of your efforts to produce a “product” that has a professional sparkle to it.”
  27. “I have much confidence in your decision-making ability and appreciate the insight you bring to a team setting, which is based on your experience and overall framework of thinking.”
  28. “I find you to be agreeable, fun, and intelligent, and really enjoy working with you.  You have a servant’s heart.”
  29. “Those who work with you esteem you highly and enjoy being around you.”
  30. “I find you to be very articulate, intelligent, thorough and detailed when communicating.  Your input is desired and sought after.
  31. “You have the ability to balance the content of your thoughts between the technical and the practical.”

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